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Tokyo Skytree Tips

Pricey, but in my opinion totally worth it. No matter what time of day you go you'll be astounded by just how far Tokyo stretches out for and it really puts things in perspective. I was completely mesmerised by the view, and amazed by how fast the elevator ascended!

I recommend going before sunset and staying to watch the sun go down and the lights come on all over the city!

Tourist friendly, more accommodating than the usual megacity viewpoint and with terrific views!
My full review and article: https://www.odigo.jp/articles/14863-3-reasons-why-you-must-visit-the-tokyo-skytree

You can purchase your tickets early online, but the ticket website is in Japanese. You can either use google chrome or translate on your phone to read through the menus. You can also purchase tickets at any Japanese 7-Eleven using their copy/ticket machines (about Y500 more expensive, but worth it). A little work to save you a lot of waiting time in line. Also, check the night prior what the weather would be like so you don't go any days when you can't see anything.

Most go for your first time in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you can see Mount Fuji

If you are a foreign tourist, and you really want to make it up to the top while there is a long queue, it may be worth it for you to buy a fast ticket for 4,000Y. It covers both observatories, and from getting in line to buy our tickets to getting up there had to have been about 5 minutes total! (We were told the queue was at least an hour at this point.)

There are also goodies you can only buy in the shop at the top of the Skytree, so you can pick up an extra special souvenir to show you made it up there.

Great view from above for a lot of money, however it is pretty difficult to find the right weather. Days with clear sky are best, but not always give you a view to far away Mt. Fuji. Before going up check the newest photos on instagram to get a hint how much you can see that day.

Tokyo skytree has great views of the city below. It can get quite busy at times but if you go earlier in the morning or a bit later at night there is less of a chance you'll get stuck in a super long line :)

If you plan to go, try to schedule your trip here on a day when the weather is clear. The view is great no matter what, but a clear day will increase the view by a ton

The best tower in Tokyo, MUCH bigger than Tokyo Tower which is very small. Solamachi is the mall under skytree and its pretty great. There are lots of great gifts to buy people if you are a tourist. The food court is really nice too!

Visit the Pokemon Center!