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Alice in Wonderland Cafe 魔法の国のアリス

The Alice in Wonderland Cafe is one of Tokyo's popular theme restaurants where every detail is related to the magic of Alice!


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Must place to visit for Alice in Woderland fans.
Great ambiance, food and drink bit pricey but the taste and presentation worth it.
Personally love how the pasta and salad were served.
Perfect place for girl time. ^^

The food is a mix of japanese, italian, and French food.

For those who are a fan of Alice in Wonderland: themed meals
are here.

Place: a hour stop, & relax.
The chairs have fluffy tails, and the drinks are inspired by alice in wonderland.

There's a cover charge: 5 dollars per a person, any additional guest
is required to purchase a drink and meal. The drinks are 11 dollars.

The website doesn't tell you about the cover charge, that is something you should first hand before entering a restaurant or place.

Get all the details, if you don't know the language learn/ hire translator,
have your tourist agency find out all the information of these type of places for to make your stay in Japan comfortable.

The cafe is absolutely beautiful. Dinner is quite expensive however lunch was actually really affordable !

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