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Closet Child Harajuku Closet Child 原宿店 [ロリータ]

Closet Child Harajuku is a Gothic Lolita clothing store located in Harajuku.


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get your lolita stuff here i didn't see this place untili looked up , i don't really buy lolita stuff but worth a look however i do hate dolls ans i got scared of the music they were playing (some creepy doll music... )

Closet Child Harajuku

I going to give you an idea listing of clothing that I can see people being able to wear
to a multi- functional event or day to day basis, or dining out with friends/ date/ boyfriend/ husband etc.

Brand: Sinfonia:
Corset Skirt: Black and white Purchase at ¥ 8000
Juliet Blouse, Black and white : ¥ 5500

Brand: Moi-meme- Moitie

M CROIX race jumper skirt
Black / Navy Purchase at ¥ 7300
Jerry print jumper skirt
Green / Gold: ¥ 13000

A must for anyone who loves lolita fashion! Their physical stores have so much more than their online shop has.

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