Kamogawa River

鴨川(Kamogawa River)




交通方式 - 地鐵出町柳站、神宮丸太町站、三條站、清水五條站、七條站、河源町站下車




Kevin Hong

One of the most beautiful places in all of Japan, this river stems away from the tourist stores and vibe. I can't stress this enough but hire a bike! Taking a stroll along this river is so beautiful, and a memory that you will take with you for life.

Travis Huntsman

Wonderful place to see Sakura in the spring and the colors in the fall. The cool breeze by the river can save you from burning up on a hot day in summer, and there are a couple places that you can get in the water to splash around a bit.

Asha🍙 Mehta

Nice and peaceful river, great place for a picnic. You will come across the river several times while travelling around kyoto


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