Mount Fuji

富士山(Mt. Fuji)

Awakura destination destination
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Mount Fuji is Japan's most iconic mountain, located in Shizuoka Prefecture. Its trails are closed from mid-September until early July.


Awakura destination destination

- 成人280元
- 兒童130元

Rashid Almasoud

Make sure when you head to Mt. Fuji to go up a nearby mountain for one of the best views. Mt. Tenjo has one of the best views from the top. Do be careful as the line for the cable car is atleast 30 minutes of waiting at best.

Mike Bosack

There is a long-standing battle between Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures as to which one is the true home to Mount Fuji. If you can, try to view the iconic mountain from both prefectures, since each offers its own unique perspective.

Dr Nozman & Lilly

If you want an easier climb, you can take the bus from Shinjuku, it is the express railway bus, to the 5th station of the Mount Fuji.


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