Nara Park


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The Nara Park is a large park located in the centre of this old capital of Japan. Established in 1880. It is where many of Nara’s historical sites are located, such as Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji and the Nara National Museum. It takes up a large part of the city and was created on top of wasteland. Today, it is home to 1,200 deer that are believed to be the messengers of god, according to Shintoism.

The well-fed deer are tame, however, and you don’t usually have to worry about them attempting to nibble on your bag or clothes. If you feel like being surrounded by deer, purchase some deer crackers that are on sale throughout the park by mobile vendors. Do watch your step however, as deer droppings are quite rampant. You can also purchase deer dropping shaped chocolate as a cheeky souvenir.


469 Zoshi-cho



Dr Nozman & Lilly Japan Blog

Great Park, you can interact with deers. Bow to the deer they will bow back. From Nara station to the park you can see the shop of "Mochi Brothers" & their performance.

FR: Super parc, interaction avec des verfs/biches. Saluer le cerf en vous inclinant, il fera de même. De la station de Nara au Parc à pied vous pourrez apercevoir les "Mochi Brothers"

Palak Patel

Great for meeting deer and feeling like your in a Disney movie. If you bow to the deer, some will bow back. If you feed them, don't be mean to them. They will gang up on you and chase you. Don't have any food sticking out of your bag or clothes, as they can smell from a mile away.

Lucy Chibimundo

Be careful with deers if you buy food for them, they are hungry and want their cookies. They are polite so will ask for them bowing but sometimes they may poke you with their head or mouth to take them. If you go with little kids warn them about this. As kid are little humans they may fall with a "poke". Enjoy Nara :D


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