Nigatsu-do Temple


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Nigatsudo, which literally means “the hall of the second month”, is a significant subcomplex of Todaiji Temple. Located to the east of the Great Buddha Hall, on the hillside of Mount Wakakusa.

It is renowned for a repentance service dedicated to the image of the eleven-faced Bodhisattva Kannon, started in 760 and continued annually since then. The service is known as Shunie, which means second-month service, as it is held in the second month of the lunar calendar. Now it is held from 1 March to 15th, also referred to as Omizutori, which means “taking sacred water”.

Nigatsudo hall was destroyed by a fire in 1667 but reconstructed in 1669. In 1944, the current main hall of Nigatsudo was designated as a National Treasure. It consists of two Kannons, one large and one small, both of which are declared as “secret buddhas”, and hence not shown to public.





Jordan Tan

This area adjoins next to the Todaiji area so is well suited to take in when visiting the bigger temple. It is smaller and up the hill so gets a nice view and is set in nice surrounds. Sitting on the deck area looking back to Nara is worth the walk up the hill.

Jordan Tan

A short walk up the hill from Todai-ji Temple, this temple has totally different atmosphere. It's small and quiet and offers a magnificent view of Nara. Home for O-mizutori festival, it has great significance to locals.

Merche Moreno

Best temple in Nara! Don't forget to go as is really near Todai-ji. Wonderful place and amazing view.


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