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Shurijo Castle Park 首里城公園(Shurijo Castle Park)

Located up a small hill of 120m looking down on the rest of Naha, the Shurijo Castle Park is an icon of Okinawa that depicts its links to the China during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. This UNESCO World Heritage site is well-maintained, with its sprawling grounds, stone pavements and gardens giving you an idea of the royal lifestyle in the old days. This is a great lookout from which to get an overview of Naha.

Traditional performances harking back to the Ryukyu kingdom era are on show daily, and staff are dressed in olden traditional dress to complete the time trip experience. The admission is 820 yen for adults, 620 yen for high school students or older, 310 yen for children and free for children under 6.


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marvelous place~ very unique castle i had ever seen, highly recommended to visit here. Can't forget here.

I was actually pretty disappointed with the castle. The outside was under construction so I couldnt take a picture.


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