Gion Tsujiri (Gion Main Store)

祇園辻利 祇園本店

東山区四条通祇園町南側 573-3
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This well-known restaurant specializes in green tea desserts.


東山区四条通祇園町南側 573-3

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 10:00-22:00



Julia Chan

There are so many kinds of matcha desserts: a foodie who loves matcha: this dessert store is for you, there's different kinds of matcha desserts and here is the list:
Parfait: matcha whipped cream, chestnuts, matcha jelly, hojicha jelly, vanilla ice cream, matcha syrup, agar jelly cube.

mochi, green cube angel food cake, with all the ingredients from the top.
matcha ice cream with white chocolate palette on top.

Matcha angel food cake.
angel food cake samosa: contain adzuki bean inside.
Marron matcha latte.
green matcha mochi

Linda Feng

Get the matcha parfait and the green tea soba noodles! You won't regret it. We randomly came across this place on a hot day, and it was the perfect spot! Would definitely visit again next time we're in Gion!


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