Ichiran (Kyoto)

一蘭 京都四条河原町店

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Ichiran is a famous ramen chain restaurant that has several qualities that are quite unlike a typical chain restaurant. They only sell one type of ramen which is 'tonkotsu' ramen.



Sam Lesmana

Ichiran is a big ramen chain with restaurants all over the country. While the ones in Tokyo and Osaka tend to be crowded, if you're going to Hiroshima you might prefer to try the one there and avoid the long lines.

Danica Ann Unrada

Probably one of the best ramen in Japan. After visiting Nijo Castle, drop by at this ramen house which is usually lined up with locals and tourists because of its signature ramen made of pork broth. You will be handed off a paper which you can customize your ramen after placing your payment on a ticket machine.

If you're a ramen fan, this one is for you! :)


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