Goryokaku Park

五稜郭公園(Goryokaku Park)



Goryokaku is a 5-pointed star-shaped fortress built around 1860 to protect the Tsugaru Strait against possible Russian invasion. The place has been open to the public since 1914 as Goryokaku Park and it is one of the most famous spots in Hakodate, especially popular during the cherry blossom season.



- 參觀公園免費,登展望塔成人票840日元;中、高校生630日元;小學生420日元


Mircea Muresan

Wonderful walk if the weather is pleasant.

SY World18

in that tower,have a gold pendant machine,its nice & worth to have it. Its can be souvenir too... Really nice

SY World18

kindly note that its open till 6pm for feb(winter season). The fees 840yen for adult (Goryokaku Tower)


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