Kegon Falls


2479-2 Chugushi
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The only outlet for Lake Chuzenji, which was formed by the natural damming of a river after Mount Nantai erupted, this waterfall has a 97-meter​ drop. A dozen other waterfalls are located behind and to the side, creating a cacophony of sound in the area.


2479-2 Chugushi

Julia Chan

Kegon Falls
Address: 2479-2 Chugushi, Nikko 321-1661, Tochigi Prefecture
Waterfall is pretty, the access road travels thru some pretty scenery as well. If you view the waterfall from a platform at night it's quite a beautiful sight.

Mieke Peters

Make sure you check the timetables before going to Kegan Falls. I visited Toshogu first with the idea of heading to Kegon afterwards, only to find out there were no more buses going the direction of Kegan Falls. (Even though it wasn't that late in the afternoon!)

Adlyn Nakamura

To get up here was a challenge! We drove up the mountains and boy, was it dizzying. But the view was worth it (for winter).


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