Kegon Falls


2479-2 Chugushi
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The only outlet for Lake Chuzenji, which was formed by the natural damming of a river after Mount Nantai erupted, this waterfall has a 97-meter​ drop. A dozen other waterfalls are located behind and to the side, creating a cacophony of sound in the area.


2479-2 Chugushi

Mike Bosack

When you arrive at Nikko station, you can commission a taxi to take you to all the major sites. Often times, the taxi drivers speak English and act as tour guides as they take you from place to place, including Kegon Falls. It costs a few thousand yen (up to 50 dollars), but can be worth it, especially on a drizzly day.

Cindy Shinoda

It was raining and foggy when I visited here. My tip is don't come if it's foggy. You cannot see anything. But if it's rainy, if you're lucky you can see rainbow they said


Beautiful to visit all year round, particularly in autumn when the leaves are turning, Kegon Falls is one of Japan’s three highest waterfalls. Located in Nikko National Park, this is the perfect place to relax, take in the beautiful views and listen to the sounds of the waterfall. The scenery is perfect for keen photographers, who will have a great day out here and it’s ideal to go on a weekday as it’s less busy. Check the weather for fog and mist as you won’t be able to see too far out.


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