Lake Chuzenji


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Lake Chuzenji is a large lake in Nikko and part of the Nikko National Park. The lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Nantai, which can be viewed to the North of the lake.



Mike Bosack

One of the must-visit places in Nikko. It's best in Autumn and spring. Summers can be very hot, and winter can feel a bit desolate.

Motoi Shibusawa

Beautiful lake in Nikko, where we used to visit here for family vacations growing up and have a ride on the swan boats.


This scenic lake in the mountains above Nikko is breathtaking. Take in the amazing scenery during autumn and you’ll see the leaves turning from green to gold and red. You can easily hike around the area or choose a boat tour to take you across the lake. Either way you’ll not be able to put your camera down with all of this natural beauty surrounding you. It can get quite busy on weekends and on public holidays, so it’s best to visit mid-week if you can.


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