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Lake Chuzenji 中禅寺湖

Lake Chuzenji is a large lake in Nikko and part of the Nikko National Park. The lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Nantai, which can be viewed to the North of the lake.


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A beautiful lake to admire and walk around on your way to or from the Nikko temple complex. Also, you can rent swan paddle boats to ride around the lake in!

Hiking alongside the lake is a must if you're in the area and have time. The reward of getting to the open lawn (north west) in front of the lake is so worth it. Breathtaking scenery and turquoise waters, probably best during the "fiery leaf season in November but beautiful during summer and a nice change from the hot hot cities.

One of the must-visit places in Nikko. It's best in Autumn and spring. Summers can be very hot, and winter can feel a bit desolate.

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