Tobu World Square


Kinugawa Onsen Ohara 209-1
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This theme park exhibits more than a hundred 1:25th scale replicas of famous buildings from around the world, including UNESCO-designated World Cultural and Heritage Sites. The exhibits are reproduced with great detail, complete with cars, trains and 140,000 1:25 miniature people as well as gardens that change with the seasons. In 2010, a 1:25 scale model of the Tokyo Skytree was unveiled at the park. Tobu World Square is divided into zones based on regions of the world, including the Japan Zone, the Asia Zone, the Europe Zone and the Egypt Zone.


Kinugawa Onsen Ohara 209-1

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 09:00-17:00


Mike Bosack

This is a fantastic place to visit. However, I would advise that if you intend to travel there, take the bus or a taxi. While the train is doable, we had to go to the general store across the street to buy tickets and the trains do not run frequently. The bus and cabs are frequent and easy to use!

Kim Bosack

This place is actually super cool. The admission cost might seem pricey but there are SO many cool replicas of historic/famous buildings.

I'd recommend adding it onto a Nikko trip since it's in the area, if you have time to spare.


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