Edo Wonderland

日光江戸村 (Edo Wonderland)

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Edo Wonderland is a theme park where you can experience a reproduction of an Edo period village.


470-2 pattern

Mike Bosack

It's a great place to visit if you have history buffs or younger members in your travel party. Otherwise, I recommend spending the time to visit some of the other interesting places along the same bus route, like Tobu World Square.

Wouter van Hest

Take a trip back to the Edo period at Edo Wonderland. The faithful reproductions of samurai housing, ninja village and stores are all staffed by townspeople in authentic period costumes. There are multiple stages and theaters where daily shows consisting of sword battles, martial arts demonstrations and magic are performed. Courtesans and performers stroll the streets in their kimono while the Blacksmith and Armor Repair Shops provide a glimpse into the life of a craftsman. Younger visitors can also participate in the Experience Edo: Work Experience! in which they act out their roles as either special samurai police or ninjas after getting trained in their respective roles.

Admission fee for adults is 4,500 yen
Elementary schoolchildren are half-price, and it's free for kids below that!


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