Edo Wonderland

日光江戸村 (Edo Wonderland)

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Edo Wonderland is a theme park where you can experience a reproduction of an Edo period village.


470-2 pattern

Jasmine Mo

Gotta agree with what another person posted and say that it takes awhile to get to Edo Wonderland, especially when coming from the Tokyo area. I think it may be about a two and a half hour trip, so it's best to wake up early if you want your money's worth. To save money, I recommend going to the tourist information desk at Asakusa Station. You can get roundtrip tickets to Kinugawaonsen and admission for Edo Wonderland for around 6610 Yen. The pass doesn't cover any purchase made in the theme park.
Even though it was a cold winter day, Edo Wonderland was worth visiting. I had a lot of dressing as a detective while my boyfriend was dressed as a ronin. There were activities like ninja star throwing games, sword dueling with staff members, watching a theater performance, and so on. For a small park, there is a lot to do

Tanya Charron

Takes forever to get there but man was it worth it! Got all dressed up to go and walk around. The food prices are a little high (550 yen for a glass of orange juice). See the shows when you can, they're quite entertaining!

Claudia Mitsu

A great theme park when you are interested in Edo period. All the staff members are wearing costumes, you can watch a lot of shows (Ninja, Oiran, ...) and even try out some games. Also the food there was pretty good.
Highlight is wearing on of the costumes, just like Kimono, Ninja or samurai outfit. However, this is a bit pricy. I also was told that foreigners are not allowed to use the Japanese wigs there, what made me a bit sad. At least they made my hair a bit.


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