中谷堂 三条もちいどの店

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Nakatanidou , one of the best mochi (sweet rice cake) shop in Japan . This shop has won TV Champion competition program 2 times ,In Nara ,Japan on April 5, 2014.

Michael Lam

Nakatanidou is a Mochi (sticky rice ball) desert store located at the end of Sanjodori shopping street near Sarusawa pond. Quite often you will see crowds collecting outside of the shop. The reason for this is the spectacular and furious Mochi making demonstrations that take place regularly.

The process involves two people pounding Mochi. One person holds a heavy wooden mallet while the other is holding and folding a huge lump of Mochi/ rice in a wooden container. The special feature of the demonstration is the speed of the pounding and noise made by the makers while flipping the Mochi and not getting their fingers pounded in the process.

Once the Mochi is sufficiently pounded the soft lump of is divided up by a machine into bite size portions and a filling of Azuki sweet bean paste is inserted into each.

The Mochi is green due to the green tea flavouring added. Since the Mochi is steamed before pounding it is best to buy and eat it straight after making because it will be warm and extra delicious.

The store also offers sembei (rice crackers) that are roasted and freshly made on the premises. I highly recommend waiting around for the Mochi making demonstrations and trying some right after the show.


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