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Nemuro Hanamaru JR Tower Stellar Place 回転寿司 根室花まる JRタワーステラプレイス店

這家店在美食排行榜上也是人氣登頂的。位於JR站旁的商場內,周邊非常熱鬧所以常常要排隊。但是只要看到店內種類豐富的壽司,就會覺得排隊也是排得十分值得的。醬油漬鮭魚籽味道濃厚,壽司上的食材滿得都快溢出來了! 這是醬油漬紅鮭。並不是高級品,但相反這也是在高級店絕對吃不到的。

交通方案 - 乘JR至札幌站[東改簽扣] JRタワー大丸一側,ステラプレイス6樓 - 距離札幌站(JR)107米


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Dine during weekdays otherwise a wait time 1-2 hours.
The food is at a Great value: Fresh sushi.
Got there on a Monday: wait time:15 minutes.
types of food: sashimi: , Otoro, salmon belly, quail egg, unagi:eel,
seared tuna is incredible.

The food is so fresh you would think that you were at the tsukiji market.

It's so good~ you must try!! I love their service too👍🏻

Sushi 💓💓💓 Delicious 👍👍👍

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