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Jozankei Onsen Tips

Jozankei was a wonderful side trip during my winter vacation to Hokkaido. I was in Sapporo for the snow festival and decided to book a couple days at one of the many resort hotels in town. It wasn't too difficult to get to town. My hotel had a shuttle service from one of the local subway stations and it took around 40 minutes or so in the winter road conditions to get from Sapporo to Jozankei. Another option is to take a bus from Sapporo station. There are a few lines that run, it is easy enough to check the bus terminal schedule or talk with the ticket clerk to get a basic rundown of what's available if you just want to head into town for a day trip.

Sitting in an outdoor bath surrounded by mountains and forest while the snow is falling ranks as one of those experiences that I'm never going to forget if I live to be 200, and I highly recommend visiting Jozankei if you spend any time at all in Hokkaido. It is well worth the trip!

Jozankei Onsen offers a day trip package.
It costs 1800 yen ( bus ticket + bath ticket)
No need for reservation.
Just go to Sapporo Station bust terminal (7:30~18:30)
Look for platform no.12 and enjoy a relaxing onsen day.

Outdoor pool is just stunning,
lots of public foot baths, & view from the outdoor pool is incredible.
nice town with gorgeous scenery, the place is clean, It provided Japanese buffet.
You get to wear a yukata, and a great place to relax and cleanse your body in mind
in the hot steam bath.

Has a charming night landscape.
Staff is friendly, polite and exact in what they do.

This place is amazingly picturesque. If you are up for some walking, enjoy the wonderful waterfalls. Jozankei is also famous for its Kappa legend. (Kappa are fable characters in Japanese literature and myth.) Check out the various Kappa statues all around the area. Find them all! =D