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Shiroi Koibito Park 白い恋人パーク (Shiroi Koibito Park)

One of the most famous souvenir snacks from Hokkaido is the Shiroi Koibito – or White Lover - white chocolate biscuit sandwich, which was famous for being available only in Sapporo. Now, fans of the creamy white chocolate biscuit sandwich can visit the factory, that has been designed as part of a park, called the Shiroi Koibito Park.

This theme park allows you to escape into a world of sweet treats and fairytales, with its castle-like appearance, and after taking a tour around the Shiroi Koibito Factory to see how the biscuit sandwich is made, you can sit down at a themed café and enjoy more variations of the treat that are exclusive to the park.

If you have time, do try making your own original Shiroi Kobito cookies at the Cookiecraft Studio for your friends and family back home, or check out the toy exhibition room at the Rose Garden. Admission fee is 600 yen for high school students or older or 200 yen for junior high school students and younger.


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You'll see Shiroi Koibito gift packages all over the place in Hokkaido, and they're delicious. So why not go see how they're made and have some fun at the theme park and even learn how to make your own!

I would highly recommend heading up to the top floor and having a cappuccino or hot cocoa in the European themed Chocolate Lounge cafe up top. There is a great view of Mt. Teine as well.

The whole place was just charming, and highly worth taking a few hours to enjoy.

A great place to view the process of making the shiroi koibito cookies! The place is very nice to take photos as well. Slightly far from the subway station.

wow, is a nice and intereting place. i will come again

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