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Takeshita Street Tips

This street is suuuuper busy (at least when we went), but it's a great way to absorb some modern Japanese fashion and culture!

You HAVE to get some famous Harajuku crepes! We got ours from Marion Crepe street shop, and they were absolutely delicious. A great way to fuel our shopping spree!

Also, if you're as obsessed with the misuse of english words and phrases in relation to clothing as I am, this is the place for you. You can make a game out of finding the most ridiculous shirts.

Too busy, and there are two black guys that annoyingly put their commercial right in the face. Daiso is big but crowdy, of course, the only reason I would go there again is Liz Liza (which I can get also at Shibuya 109) and Okonomiyaki cafe. The rest really can be obtained elsewhere much easily)

Right when you exit Harajuku Station, cross the street and turn left. A few feet down, you will find Takeshita Street. There are many cheap places to eat here, a great shopping experience, and a great view of the unique and colorful fashion.
There are many Purikura shops in this area, but they are in the basement floors, so keep an eye out for those if you want to try it. While walking down Takeshita Street, don't forget to look at the empty alleys also. There are actually smaller shops down there and some have great deals! For example, the animal stockings that are usually $12 in America are only about 300 yen there. I especially love the Daiso store because they got such a great selection on things. Also, who doesn't love cheap but quality goods?
If you find yourself in need of a bathroom as you explore, there's a giant Mc Donald's on this street that has a bathroom when you go down to the basement floor. I can't say there won't be lines though.

Go during the weekdays to avoid the crowds and behind the famous crepe store is actually a shrine dedicated to the late Admiral Togo Heihachirou which is open for visits. Other than that, Harajuku can also be called "the mecca of Japanese Streetwear" with big brands like Supreme, Bape, Billionaire Boys Club and many vintage stores that offer fashion at a more affordable price.

For sneakerheads, shops like Undefeated, Kicks Lab, Limited Edt offers a wide selection of sneakers and the Nike flagship store here is one of the biggest I have seen and offers sneakers from Air Maxes to Jordans which will leave any sneakerheads in awe. Finally, just beside this street is the more up-class Omotesando Hills where one can find brands like Comme de Garcons (CDG).

less crowd on a weekday. If you're visiting in the evening, make sure to know what time the stores closes or you might disappoint like I am :D

I went around 7pm head straight to Daiso and when I got out it was already 8pm, the stores are about to close LOL

lots of trendy and cheap clothing , there is also large spinns and wego stores
also you have to eat crepes at harajuku

So many restaurant and shops all in the same area, if you don't mind the crowds, then
here is a place to shop makes you feel cosy doesn't it, with all the people and unique
shops there.

Definitely plan to come here on a weekday as it is way too busy on the weekend. Lots of great shops to see here just be careful of the fancy costume place (no photos are allowed) and keep your eye out for the Pom Pom Purin cafe. It was great

There's ALOT of people here at almost any time of day, but try your luck on a weekday mid-afternoon! People are either working or at school, and there isn't a huge crowd as compared to the weekends.

Shops here have great deals and loads of fashion products. Purikura and crepe fans as well, this is the street to strut your stuff!

All the clothes shopping you could ever need in one street. All you fashion needs met and you'll find some that you didn't even realise that you had. Find your Lolita and kawaii hearts filled or even those gothic souls - everything you could ever want in one place.