Rainbow Bridge

レインボーブリッジ (Rainbow Bridge)

upload by Odigoer


The Rainbow Bridge crosses over Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and Odaiba. At night, the bridge is illuminated using solar power. It also has a walkway which you can use at certain times during the day.




Jordan Tan

Its a little known fact that you can actually walk across the Rainbow Bridge, either on the North Side (Tokyo Tower view) or the South Side (Odaiba view), which offers different views. Walking across, you can see the sunset over the harbour as well as ships going out to sea. It's quite noisy up there, but definitely safe. Wonderful photo opportunities!

Jordan Tan

Try to use monorail on rainbow bridge or use public transportation to get experience pass the rainbow bridge😍

Frank C

Beautiful bridge with beautiful lighting. You can plan a trip to odaiba, the department store there and also spend some time enjoying the view at night :)


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