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Tokyo Station Tips

The building itself is magnificent. It recently underwent a make over, the majority of which is finished now. Apart from being an important transport hub, the station has lots of great shopping and entertainment.

If there is anything out there in Japan that fits the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" to a "T", Tokyo Station is one of them. Leaving many dazzled, locals or tourists alike, this station is an embodiment of a time long past and a symbol of Japan that had survived 2 World Wars. A personal favorite of mine when it comes to photographing Tokyo, there are some places that offer a great view of the station and would get anyone snapping photos immediately. From the plaza (Gyoko Street) leading to the Imperial Palace to the office buildings (Kitte, Marunouchi Building and Shin Marunouchi Building) in Marunouchi.

Huge shopping area , must go see biyori character beauty shop, sells sailor moon and other shoujo anime cosemetic/beauty products and little section of merchandise collectables

The station has some great food venues (my favourite was Pizzeria da cibo and the beer hall, both reasonably priced with great food). Under the station led to an underground mall, which was easy to miss despite it having an incredible amount of shops! There is a helpful tourist information centre just as you walk in, where the staff are fluent in English.

Tokyo Station! This station isn't as confusing as Shinjuku but still a big station none-the-less. In my opinion, it's easier to do transfers from here to Narita Airport if you're taking the bus / shinkansen.

Here's a restaurant near Tokyo station

Sushizanmai Tsukijiekimae
Address:3-11-9 Tsukiji | Tsukiji Square bldg1F, Chuo 104-0045, Tokyo Prefecture
Telephone:+81 3-3524-9833

Price range:98 yen to 700 yen for sashimi.

The food is made right in front of you and they staff make sure to keep you
cup always full.

Fresh, and fair priced,
It's also near the Tsuji market.

Dont be scared to ask the information counters as you may find all the train lines confusing. They are very friendly and will try their best to help you

Even if you are just passing through, it's worth it to get off at Tokyo Station to see the station's exterior architecture. Also, the Imperial Palace and its gardens are a short walk from the station.

One of the nicest looking stations we got off at. There is underground shopping and restaurants. Be sure to check these out.

Beautiful building with tons of surprises. There are a ton of places that provide awesome tasting meals or possibly sweets. You may need a map. This place is quite big.