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Akihabara Electric Town Gate 秋葉原駅 電気街口

Akihabara is considered as the mecca for otaku. It is a wide shopping district for games, anime, manga and computer goods. Famous characters of anime are seen prominently on the shops in the area, and numerous maid cafés are found throughout the district.


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worth it. Akiba isplace of good stuff , the stores are as amazing as you want though not the cheapest.

Honestly worth it. Akiba Don Quijote is the stuff of legend, the stores are as amazing as you want though not the cheapest. My top pick are the hobby stores but the hidden gem is the Magikarp (Koikingu for purists) Taiyaki fairly close to the station. So tasty I went back for two more the next day and just feels like you're living in the pokemon world, it's great. Doesn't stay open as late as you'd think though, from memory it kind of all shuts down by 8pm.

I like the Pablo shot near the station baking amazing hot tart.

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秋葉原 GiGO

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出JR秋葉原站電器街口以後沿向中央通大街方向的左側就可以看到秋葉原Radio會館了,掛著醒目的“世界の ラジオ會館 秋葉原”黃色招牌,被認為是秋葉原的標誌建築。會館裏有很多店鋪,主要經營家電、音響、電腦、電腦遊戲、玩具、圖書、VHS•DVD等產品,這些產品是一般電器店裏買不到的非常專業、全面的...Read more

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