Shinjuku Sumitomo Building


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Once the tallest building in Tokyo, this structure is located 10 minutes walking from Shinjuku train station. The complex consist of 52 floors, most of which are corporate and commercial office space. However, the top five floors are reserved for public use. The 51st floor boasts an observation deck and panoramic viewing areas, offering skyline views of Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Many restaurants are also available, with options ranging from traditional Japanese fares – like Izakaya, Kobe beef, sushi, teppanyaki, and shabu shabu – to more international cuisine, like Italian and Spanish. The varying price range offers patrons the option of a luxury night out or a quick, budget lunch.

Joseph Wong

Restaurant floors can offer some of the best free views, and the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building is no different. However, if you’re a fan of architecture, the inside of this building is a must-see due to its unique, triangular structure with a hollow core. When you enter the lobby, before you take the elevator to the 52nd floor, make sure to look up and you’ll notice a geometrically-designed glass ceiling with a view all the way to the top, 52 floors up. Then, when you reach the 52nd floor, you can look down and see the hypnotizing effect of all the floors and glass windows surrounding the hollow core below you. It’s hard to describe because I’ve never seen anything like it, so make sure you check it out during your trip! If you’re not in the mood for food or paying for a view, you can still check out a free view from a viewing window on the perimeter of the restaurant floors.


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