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Sega Akihabara Tips

cute as prizes makes you wanna take everything home

Sometimes, the lines are super long so if you're in a hurry maybe wait another time to visit this place. However, it's awesome and the staff is super helpful, definitely worth a visit!

Come prepared with plenty of cash, this arcade will leave you addicted😋


A great place to stop to indulge in some games or even get some purikura. Not far at all from Akihabara station - worth a stop if you're in the area!

It's so cheap to play games, not to mention you can easily find it right out the front of Akihabara Station. There are also different events that occur based on various game or anime series, where prizes from UFO catchers will be themed off that game/anime.

Sega games especially cabin in which you can drive virtual Gundam and play in a team. Arcade isn't at all expensive and you can spend hours inside.

The arcade is rrally fun. There are lots of claw machines and arcade games to try. If you only have notes, there are machines where you can exchange them for coins

It was pretty fun, even as a spectator and very easy to find. If you like games and you're in the area, I suggest stopping in.

Really fun place if you like arcade games. Plenty of games to choose from and cheap, costing about $1