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Trick Art Museum とりっくあーとぴあ日光

Entertaining to both adults and children, this museum has a large collection of trick art outside the museum and inside. The museum also contains a section with holographic art, however visitors need to pay an extra admission fee for this. There is also a terrace cafe and a flea market store right outside the museum.


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Check their website for a free coupon! I will definetely be using it when I go there :)

This was a fun place for a few hours, but it was pricey. If you are traveling with pre-teen kids, this can be a fun place to spend some time and impart knowledge on perspective and how to use images, but older crowds probably won't be able to justify the price of admission.

A fun place to stop in Nikko, but admission is 1800 yen for adults and you could probably get through the museum in an hour. Still fun, just $$$

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