Nikko Guruman's Wagyu


1541-297 Tokorono
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Nikko Guruman's Wagyu is an upmarket steakhouse specialising in its own homegrown meat.


1541-297 Tokorono

Wouter van Hest

Guruman has a great range of set menus that start from 5,000 yen up to as much as 25,000 yen depending on the grade of beef. I highly recommend them and I really think that all the sets are good value (this more than makes up for the fact that there is no à la carte menu). In the set meal you get about 6-7 dishes which include a salad, starter, main course and dessert with choice of coffee or tea. The one thing to remember is that Guruman does not offer an English menu and the staff don't all speak English. Also, this is a cash only restaurant so be prepared to hit up an ATM before going.


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