Ashikaga Flower Park





Julia Chan

There are so many beautiful flowers here, It's like flower heaven here,
This park could be part of romantic love story in the flower park: In a movie, or book.
It just has that kind of feel.

You can come here on a picnic with friends, or boyfriend.
Or take photography pics there are so many pretty flowers, the scent, the long pathways.

A definite must see for those who are coming to Japan.

Mike Bosack

Ashikaga is renowned in Japan. If you can make it there for the illumination or when the flowers are in full bloom, it is a must-see. If timing is not right, it is best to spend your time elsewhere.

Motoi Shibusawa

We visited Ashikaga Flower Park in winter, but the illumination was incredible. Top 3 Illumination in Japan apparently.


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