Cedar Avenue of Nikko


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Part the old Nikko Kaido route, this 35.4-kilometer trail—which is the longest tree-lined avenue according to the Guinness Book of World Records—leads to the Toshogu Shrine. Lined by some 200,000 cedars, it is designated a Special Historic Site and a Special Natural Monument in Japan.

Merche Moreno

The best part of Nikko. The temples are too chinese style for me but those cedars...incredible!!!

Wouter van Hest

At 37 kilometers long, Cedar Avenue is officially the longest tree-line avenue in the world. While there were originally 200,000 trees planted in a 20-year span from 1625, today the number of surviving trees number around 13,000 due to construction and exhaust damage from cars. About 100 trees a year continue to fall down, but preservation and prevention measures are in place.

One of the more popular hikes along the trail include the “Ekikara Hiking” trip, where you can walk from Imaichi station to some of the local shrines, stop over at a local sake brewery and take a breather at the Suginamiki Park (Cedar Tree Park). It's a great place to visit particularly during spring, but I would recommend that those with strong pollen allergies avoid the area and perhaps visit at the end of summer.


Created almost 400 years ago and planted with around 200,000 cedar trees along the path leading up to Nikko, Cedar Avenue stretches along for 37km and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest tree lined avenue in the world. It really is a beautiful stretch of land to walk along and has quite rightly been designated by the Japanese Government as a special historic site and a special natural monument.


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