Nikko National Park


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The Nikko National Park consists of the Nasu volcanic zone and mountain range that spans across Gunma, Tochigi and Fukushima prefectures.


Tara Trujillo

Nikko National Park is one of my favorite stops in Japan, as far as the nature side goes. This place is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful, too. I arrived mid-morning and stayed until late afternoon, keeping myself busy with all of the sights within the park. Pack a lunch and have a picnic!

Mike Bosack

I thought the best way to enjoy this park was to do so in the area immediately around the Toshogu Shrine. A great walking day is to start from the Nikko town center, walk past the Shinkyo, up to the Toshogu, and around the park to enjoy the nature. It can be a very serene and pleasant experience.

Jessica Kozuka

A beautiful escape to nature just outside of Tokyo.

Most visitors head to Nikko for a day of temple hopping, but Nikko has so much more to offer. Get a little further out and you have amazing hiking and camping. Up in the mountains there a little towns where the culture of living of the land still thrives and you can try delicious meals of freshly caught game and veggies gathered from nature. Plus, hot springs!

Highly recommended during the autumn leaves season.


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