Coco Farm & Winery

COCO FARM & WINERY / ココ・ファーム ワイナリー

611 Tajima-cho
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Coco Farm & Winery is located in Tochigi prefecture. As well as the vineyards there is a cafe on site and a shop for you to buy their products.


Wouter van Hest

Coco Farm was started in the late 50’s as a farming project for mentally-challenged and autistic students. The farm then grew into a winery in the 1980’s when families of the students invested in the farm. Today, they produce over 200,000 bottles of wine annually and have a popular Harvest Festival during the weekend of the third Sunday in November. (3,000 yen entry includes a bottle or carafe of their wine and a swag bag full of branded items.)

The Coco Farm & Winery is about 1.5 hours from Tokyo and is well worth a trip to see their operations and taste some wine.


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