Don Quijote (Shibuya)

ドン・キホーテ (渋谷店)

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Don Quijote is a national discount store chain selling food, beauty products, alcohol, costumes, commodities and many other products.



January - December
Monday - Sunday: 00:00-04:30, 10:00-24:00


Kim Dao

The Shibuya DonQuijote has moved across the road and is now massive. You can buy all sorts of things here from food, makeup, homeware, clothes to branded items. It is a must check out if you go to Japan. If you also want odd kit kat flavours you can get them here too.

Julia Chan

They sell yukatas, Japanese traditional wooden sandals,
under garments, bikes, snacks, food, ramen, choco covered strawberried, grape, banana, homeware, electrical: rice cooker, pots, pans, dishes, clothing, pants, shirts,
cups, plates, napkins, hair cleanser, hair moisturiser, makeup, facial cleansers,
utensils, cleaning pads, dish detergent.

Don Quijote is Incredible they have so much selection on products that wouldn't think that they carry.
And the Yukata are a lot cheaper priced here.

So if you want to pay for lower price yukatas or costumes they go it all here.

Kim Bosack

Always bring your passport to a Don Q store - if you're staying in Japan under 6 months the sales tax is waived (saves you 8% on your purchases!)

Also - this is such a fun one stop shop for all manners of gifts. Check out the fun sheet face masks (they have kitty ones, puppy ones, all manner of Japanese characters) - they're lightweight and make fun souvenirs for friends & family.


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