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Mount Inasa Tips

Depending on the time of season, Nagasaki gets dark at 6 pm. It's easy to pop up to Mt. Inasa and take a tram for dinner afterwards.

Also, this is a prime date spot. Be ready for selfie-taking couples at the top.

This was actually deemed the #3 nightview in the world. If you are in Nagasaki it is a must!

Mount Inasa is one of Japan’s three acclaimed night views, along with Mt. Rokko in Kobe and Mt. Hakodate in Hakodate. Mt. Inasa is located very near Nagasaki and although standing at only 333m high, the free observation deck offers an unparalleled view of the city and surrounding mountains and sea. Like most places famous for views, the scenery really starts to sparkle after the sun sets, so make sure to arrive just before sunset and stay for the night view.

What is great about Mount Inasa is it’s accessibility; the ropeway base station is just five minutes from the Takaramachi tram stop. Another five minute ride will whisk you up the mountain for the unprecedented view (720Y). Nagasaki is often known for being the place where one of the atomic bombs was dropped, but after taking in the the view from Mt. Inasa, you’ll only think of beauty when thinking of Nagasaki.