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Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Tips

Calling all Pokemon lovers! This is a must-see store for Pokemon lovers. Remember to expect pretty expensive merchandise here, but if you have extra money on you, I think it'll be worth it. For a cheaper souvenir, there are some coin press machines near the exit. I believe the coin cost about 300 yen, maybe less. But they have adorable designs. Even if you don't buy anything, there are a few Pokemon statues set up around the shop so you can still have something as a memento!

Loads of Pokemon merch, They even had collectable squished pennies.

large stock of official Pokemon goods, new stock frequently , i recommend that you check Pokemon japan website to see new release merchandise and the release dates ,as really cute releases tend to be sold out really fast, cash and card welcome

They have tons of cute stuffed animals here, based on a Japanese cartoon.

In my opinion it is the best Pokemon Center!

This is a must go if youre a huge pokemon fan. Come equipped with cash though there's just too many things you'll want to buy!

Definitely stop by if you love Pokemon, though fair warning they have a lot of stuff for the most popular Pokemon and not much for the rest.

Some items are really expensive but it's a must go if you love pokemon! Buy anything and they will give our a free pikachu key chain (or at least they did so when I visited)

So so so much fun! I went with my partner yesterday and despite the crowdedness it was great! The crowdedness is mostly because we went during Golden Week, but it was such a great experience non the less.

Located in Sunshine City,
While some items are kind of expensive, they are very cute and attractive :)
Love the store environment. Very fun :)