Kawahira River Banks


1-1 4-Jo Toyohira-ku
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The banks of the Toyohira river are an ideal spot for runners and cyclists thanks to its beautiful and relaxing scenery as well as the long sidewalks.


1-1 4-Jo Toyohira-ku

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 00:00-24:00, 00:00-24:00

Kirsty Bouwers

Unlike other rivers in cities, the Toyohira River usually does not play a major role in the daily lives of Sapporo’s inhabitants. This shouldn’t deter you from walking along its banks, however, as there are always interesting pockets to explore. A long cycling/walking path has been constructed along the bank, running as far as Makomanai. In winter, it can be inaccessible due to snowfall or ice, but in late spring and summer it becomes a great place for a quiet walk or a nice cycle away from the city centre. Kids and adults play football, fly kites or take a dip in those places where the river is shallow. This is also a great way to get to the Sapporo Art Park, located near Makomanai as well. Around July and August, massive firework displays are held over the river, with hundreds of people flocking to the (temporarily) dried banks to witness the spectacle while wearing yukata and enjoying a beer or two. Banks may be inaccessible during winter.


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