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Nagasaki Seaside Park is located in the city center redevelopment area, where the ancient port was located. It is comprised of 3 main areas which won the "Good Design Award" in 2004 for their beautiful and environmentally friendly design.

Jordan Green

The most beautiful park! Its right by the sea so you can pretty much people watch for hours if thats your thing. Also, its the best place to just chill on a warm Nagasaki day.

Kurt Anderson

This is a really neat place in Nagasaki. Come here on the weekends and there will almost certainly be something going on. While I was there a Battleship from Sasebo stopped by and let anyone tour it!

Becki Dobson

Opened in 2004, Nagasaki Seaside Park (水辺の森公園 Mizubenomori Kouen) is a fairly new addition to the city’s landscape, but thanks to its excellent waterfront location in the heart of the city, along with some eye-catching architecture, Mizubenomori has fast become the go-to place for everything, from jogging to festivals to romantic dates for two.

But mostly, Mizubenomori, with its 65 hectares overlooking water and mountains, is just a great place to relax, go for a stroll and take in some lovely views of Nagasaki.
The park is conveniently located on a strip of waterfront next to Dejima Wharf, with Yume Saito Shopping mall and the Prefectural Art Museum within walking distance.
Though there are a ton of restaurants along the wharf, one of my favorite things to do is to grab a bento and eat lunch from the park, while enjoying the view.

In spring, the cherry blossom trees in the park are in full bloom, bringing people out in their drives, to picnic under their boughs with beers and bento. Then there’s the Tall Ships Festival which runs from the end of April to the beginning of May, when tall ships from around the world congregate along the park’s waterfront.

During the summer, the park becomes host to festivals, offering food stalls, live music and fireworks. Finally, in winter, fireworks are swapped for twinkling Christmas illuminations.
If you decide to visit in summer, just be sure to pick up some mosquito repellent!

Nearest street car stop is Dejima (出島).

Open 24 hours
Toilets available
Office tel: 095-818-8550


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