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Yurikamome Shimbashi Station ゆりかもめ 新橋駅

Yurikamome Monorail connects Shimbashi to Toyosu via Odaiba.


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The monorail by which to access Odaiba is an attraction in its own right. Looping through highways and under the iconic Rainbow Bridge, it showcases an enthralling and unique aspect of Tokyo – you really get a sense of how intricate and seamless the structure of this megacity is, spawning thoughts of just how much goes on beneath the surface that we simply can’t see. From Shimbashi through to Daiba station you’ll pass through Hinode harbor, maybe catching a glimpse of Tokyo Tower to the right, and whizz past numerous office blocks, restaurants, convenience stores and pachinko parlours; this is your chance to have a sneaky peak into the windows of Tokyo! The ride is fifteen minutes long and can turn out to be a surprising highlight of your day, especially the panoramic views of Tokyo Bay. To access, from Shimbashi station on the Yamanote line follow the signs for the Yurikamome Line. Tickets to Daiba station cost ¥320 and there’s only one platform – since Shimbashi is the starting point all trains go in the same direction.
Tip: When you board, don’t get on the train that’s waiting – go to the other side and wait at the front of the platform to bag the best seat in the house when the next train pulls in. Trains depart every five minutes so you won’t have long to wait. Get your camera ready!

Trains run from 06:00 - 00:30 on both weekdays and weekends.

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