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Under Armour Clubhouse (Shibuya) Tips

Assortment of athletic wear: all sports: Basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, boxing, running,
Runners, cleats, basketballs shoes, visers, golf caps, baseball cap, jackets, neck warmer, scarfs, under garment, ear phones with under armour label.

Golf bags, Duffle bag, backpack, tote bag, umbrella, bat, baseball glove, golf gloves,
sweaters, sweats, socks. etc.

Check out the website: google translate to language of understanding: Japanese characters all thru out that website.

For fans of this American athletic apparel company, the Shibuya store is UA’s flagship location in Japan and offers one of the best selections of the company’s products. Located just opposite the famous Shibuya Starbucks, one of the coolest things about this store is the futuristic black design on the outside of the building. Looking like a cross between Batman’s suit and the Batmobile itself, the all-black façade is ultra modern and completely appropriate for an innovative city like Tokyo.

The store is separated into 4 levels, with the basement level offering women’s sports, yoga, and golf apparel. The 1st floor displays men and women’s footwear. The 2nd floor displays men’s athletic and training clothing. The 3rd and final floor displays men’s golf and alternative clothing.

The prices in the store compare well to the prices you would pay in the United States. And remember to bring your passport, as foreigners enjoy tax-free shopping.

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm
No closed days