Hitachi Seaside Park


605-4 Onuma Mawatari
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Hitachi Seaside Park is a large public park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, especially famous for its seasonal flower gardens.


605-4 Onuma Mawatari

January - December
Tuesday - Sunday: 09:30-17:00


Kim Bosack

Double check online to see what's in bloom when you plan on visiting. The first time I went there, it was between flower seasons, and the big hill that usually has the amazing flowers you see in pictures on it was a pile of dug up holes, waiting for the next crop of flowers to be planted! I had wondered why the parking lot was so quiet on a weekend, despite the park being open!


Hitachi Seaside Park is a big park covered with many kinds of flowers and plants. You can enjoy the scenery in all seasons. Especially Nemophilas in April and May, and Kokia getting red from pink in September and October. The red Kokias are impressive and worthy of a visit even from a long distance. You can enjoy taking photos, walking, rides and attractions, cycling and sports here.

There are traditional houses called Furuminka, displaying the Japanese lifestyle from long ago. You can experience Japanese traditional games like Takerimbo, Hanetsuki, and Takeuma.

One of the vendors in the park serve spareribs called "Yamitsuki "(means cannot stop loving it!), if you get hungry, it’s the best! You can enjoy it with beer! The park food is creative, because they also sell ice cream made with Japanese soy sauce!!! It’s quite unique, and I've never seen it other places. So if you are a sweets nut, please don’t miss it.

Since it’s a huge park, you can take the mini seaside train or rent a bicycle. Within a 20 minute walk from the main gate, you can enjoy the great view of the beach.


In springtime the landscape of this place turns in to a beautiful shade of mono-blue, covered by the millions of tiny flowers known as nemophila. Hitachi Seaside Park contains a space for events, with an athletic activities area, amusement park and seasonal garden. It's located fifteen minutes by bus or taxi from JR Katsuta Station, and is walking distance from the Ajigaura Station. It opens at 9:30am so for the best view, you should arrive at the garden area before 10am, otherwise this place gets crowded very quickly by locals going for their morning walk with their dogs and with many joggers and tourists, so it's definitely best to get there as early as possible! My tip for a great photo: From the Hamakaze bridge look towards Miharashi square and then focus on one of the trees so that it's in your line of sight.

The entrance fees are:
410 yen for 15 year olds +
210 yen for 65 year olds +
Kids and group discounts are available
500 yen for park tour ride day pass

Opening hours:
9:30–17:00 (March 1 – July 20, September 1 – October 31)
9:30–18:00 (July 21 – August 31)
9:30–16:30 (November 1 – end of February)

Closed Mondays, EXCEPT as below:
Closed on Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday.
Closed on December 31 and January 1 and for 4 days from the first Tuesday in February through the following Friday.

Please note that the park is open EVERY DAY during the following periods:
Spring: March 26 – May 31
Summer: July 21 – August 31
Fall: October 1 – 31


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