Otaru Canal

小樽運河(Otaru Canal)

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The Otaru Canal is a popular tourist attraction for its romantic walkway along the canal which is lined by ivy-covered warehouses that have been renovated into quaint shops and atmospheric restaurants.

1.15km in length and 40m in width, the canal was completed in 1923 after 9 years of construction and was initially used as a waterway for barges carrying coal or marine products to pass through.

After piers were built at Otaru Port and ships unloaded their goods directly onto trucks, the canal fell into disuse, and the town considered filling up the canal and building a road over it. However, the citizens objected to this and wanted to preserve the canal. After a ten-year debate, the city finally agreed to preserve the canal as it is. Now, taking a cruise along the canal is a popular tourist activity and the canal is a popular attraction especially during winter for its postcard perfect scenery of white-capped warehouses and romantic street lights. The Music Boz Museum near the canal is also worth stopping by for a plethora of music boxes in various shapes, sizes and coming in the latest tunes as well!

Mircea Muresan

While is nice visit it during the night even in the summer, it is not that much of big attraction worth spending a day.

Julia Chan

Sakaimachi: has glass workshops where you buy glassware: and make them yourself for 2000 to 3000 yen.
Kitaichi Glass : high end glassware, when you tour this store: You will see the aesthetic beauty surrounding you, as in the past some of the glassware
made into glass lantern burning oil before electricity.

Iam awed by the beauty of these glassware: such artwork, definitely beautiful treasure you want to give as a gift or send/bring back home as a souvenir.

tel: Tel 0134-33-1991,fax 0134-29-0691,E-mail hanazono@kitaichiglass.co.jp.

Julia Chan

Veggie Kebab : restaurant near the otaru canal so when your finished visting the canal and want a vegan kebab drop by here, it fresh tasting and delish.
addr; 1-1-17 Ironai, Otaru 047-0031, Hokkaido
ph:+81 134-68-0231
price:500 yen

New Naruto Denukikoji :Enormous takoyaki for 400 yen.
cheese takoyaki;450 yen, pork bun store and takotyaki store.
addr:1-1-17 Ironai, Otaru 047-0031, Hokkaido
ph+81 134-24-1233


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