Higashimuki Shotengai Shopping Street


15 Higashimuki, Naka-machi
upload by Odigoer


Higashimuki Shotengai is a shopping arcade leading South from Kintetsu Nara station towards Nara-machi. Here you will find lots of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Rob W

It is pretty nice there!
Not so many people compared to Dotonbori (Osaka).
I like the cafes with delicious cold sweet things in summer!

Jordan Tan

Popped through these shops in the early evening with a map form Oak Hostel Nara. Found a fab place to eat homemade Udon noodles and a delicious hot pot. Lots of choices for shopping and eating

Jordan Tan

The shopping street should either be your first stop to Nara Park or vice versa your last stop after sightseeing all tourist spots in Nara. There were many restaurants and souvenir shops where you could purchase your gifts back home. By the way, there was a shop named Daiso selling 100 Yen products.


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