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T's Tantan (Tokyo Station) T's たんたん(東京駅)

T's Tantan is a healthy, vegan ramen shop located inside Tokyo station.


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If you are vegan, you need to go here. Even if you are not, I'd highly recommend it.It's a little tucked away in a corner, but definitely worth it. On the plus side, it's inside the ticket gates, so if Tokyo is not your final destination, you can stop at Tokyo, eat, and continue on your way without paying for a side trip to Tokyo. You can also go if you're waiting for the shinkansen or something like that. Just follow the signs to the Keiyo line. It's part of Keiyo street, but it's not really connected. Go until you're right in front of the escalators and it'll be on your right.

T's Tan Tan ( Tokyo Station)
address:1F in JR Tokyo Station, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, 100-0005

Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Aoba-Ku Chuo 1-1-1 s-PAL Sendai city restaurant (B1)
Opening hours: all day 10:00-22:00 (last order 21:30)
TEL: 022-721-6527

The food is delicious, it isn't just for vegans, non-vegans can enjoy as well.
Sesame ramen and Gyoza are fabulous tasting.

Here's what they have on their menu:
Sesame Ramen: 850 Yen
Black Ten Ten 880 yen
Golden Sesame: 900 yen
Green Tan Tan: 900 yen
tann flop 900 yen
Sura noodles:880 yen
Veggie ramen tonkotsu :800 yen
Toppings: Red vegetables 200 yen
Green vegetables 250 Yen
White vegetable 200 yen
Mini chicken Bowl 450 Yen
Mini Cole-Don 450 Yen
Mini vivimba Bowl 450 Yen

240 yen (large.)
190 yen (medium)
(Small) ¥ 160
fried soy meat: 350 yen
Veggie Dumpling: 250 yen

I was so excited but everything had wheat. The did not have gluten free noodles. It all came down to a curry rice which was very good and plain veggies :(

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