Maruyama Park

円山公園(Maruyama Park)



Maruyama Park is a popular spot for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in the spring and is famous for its zoo.


Jordan Tan

Take a stroll and check out the many shrines and temples in the park and then head south through the backstreets to Kiyomizu-dera. You'll pass by a bunch great religious

Jordan Tan

in spring the park is packed with hanami revelers and the mood is vibrant. Now in autumn on a weekday afternoon it was not that crowded. The glorious weeping cherry still had leaves, but it looked nothing like it does in its springtime glory,

Julia Chan

10 min walk Mauryama koen.
Take walk to the shrine.
cherry blossoms, and food stalls, plenty to eat, build a appetite and breath in that fresh air.
Yummy takoyaki in the stalls.
half hour to hike up mount mauryama.
Fresh mountain air good for the body, and good view from the top.
yakisoba, doriyaki, Okonimiyaki, (food stalls for all of this)
There's also Maruyama zoo, one can go to.

Plenty of pretty tree blossoms to take a photos of.


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