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Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street 宮島表参道商店街

Not to be confused with Omotesando Avenue in Tokyo, Omotesando Shopping Street is one of the busiest places in Miyajima, packed with souvenir shops and restaurants.


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Coming here during a sunset gives a very warm and exciting feeling that is different compared to visiting during the day (Keep in mind it'll be a tad crowded). Also, please try Momiji Manju (maple leaf shaped cakes filled with red bean, or maple flavored). They were one of my absolute favourite sweet snacks to eat in Japan!

When on Miyajima, it is best to take your time so you can enjoy both the low and high tides at Itsukushima Shrine. Omotesando is a great place to spend that time. When there, the two definite things to try are the momiji manju (maple leaf shaped bean cake) and the anago (Hiroshima is famous for its conger eel).

The main place to get food here, it can get pretty crowded during the day due to daytrippers and bus tours. They sell the usual wares of Japanese shopping streets: souvenirs (some Japanese, some Miyajima-focused), warm rice crackers, etc. Momiji cakes are sold everywhere here: a soft cake filled with some sort of paste, usually red bean but they also have white bean, custard, and other flavours. If you like oysters, several stalls sell them grilled over charcoal, but note there's no place to sit to eat. Overall it's a fun shopping street, less traditional and more tourist-geared, but still worth a visit.

We opted for lunch at an oyster restaurant that had a very long line, since they're not open for dinner. They had English menus and you could see the oysters being grilled right outside. Very tasty and worth the wait, in our opinion!

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