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Sushi Tanabe 鮨 田なべ

Three-star Michelin restaurant specializing in sushi and sashimi.


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Food that is Japanese art form, taste is fresh and incredible tasting, you can really taste the quality of the sashimi and sushi. The beauty of the food put together on a plate like a piece of art by artist, worth coming back for more.

For a special sushi meal, make a reservation at Sushi Tanabe, one of four restaurants to be awarded 3 Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide 2012 for Hokkaido. The daily selection of fish varies, depending on availability and the season. Reservations by phone only, and it's highly recommended to call as early as possible (at least 1-2 weeks prior.) Reserve a seat at the counter where you can watch the sushi chefs in action. Their expert knife skills and handling of each piece of fish makes for an outstanding show.

Choose from 2 menu selections: the Chef's tasting course (Omakase Course) comprising appetizer, sashimi, sushi, and dessert, or the Chef's Nigiri selection (Omakase Nigiri) comprising an appetizer, ten pieces of sushi, and dessert. If you select the course, depending on your level of hunger, you can choose the number of pieces of nigiri sushi: 6, 10, or 12 pieces. Included in the course are several appetizers, a sashimi plate, and a couple of cooked dishes, usually a grilled fish or shrimp dish. The portions for each course are small, and even the 12-piece Course will not leave you feeling overly stuffed. Prices start at around 9,000 Yen for the Omakase Nigiri, and about 11,500 Yen for the Omakase Course.

The sushi chef here speaks some English, so please communicate to the chef before your meal begins if you have any allergies or do not eat certain types of fish. They are more than happy to tailor the course selections for your taste and preference.

The diners here are a mix of tourists and locals. Large parties are seated in private rooms while couples and individuals at the sushi counter. The ambiance is relaxed and chatty. Sushi Tanabe is welcoming and laid back for a Michelin starred restaurant.

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