Hirome Ichiba Market


2-3-1 Obiya-machi
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This market is in downtown Kochi and is made up of over 60 shops. The market was opened to spread the knowledge of Kochi's food, friendliness and artistic culture.


2-3-1 Obiya-machi

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 08:00-23:00


Jordan Green

Amazingly lively! Come early if you want a seat and bring cash! It has an amazing atmosphere and many chances to speak to the locals, in both Japanese, and if you can find them, English too.

Kim Bosack

Lots of good eats, carry cash because card isn't available. If you're wanting to get a seat, get there early - it gets very busy!


Hirome Ichiba is definitely my favarite lunch/dinner spot in Kochi! Not only locals but also many tourists visit this market. Hirome Ichiba is like a food court, so you can buy foods from several different stores and have a seat wherever you want. People in Kochi are very friendly so everybody share a table and that's pretty normal! You will find people who are drinking from the morning, but it's also pretty common in here. People in Kochi love Sake! That's their culture!!! My favorite foods in Hirome are Katsuo(bonito) no tataki, fried Utsubo(Moray), fried whale, Gyoza(dumpling) from Yasubee, and egg plant ice cream.


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