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Ocean Expo Park 海洋博公園

The Ocean Expo Park located in the north of Okinawa, the Motobu area, was constructed in 1975 in commemoration of the Okinawa international marine exposition held there in that year. The Expo itself was held partly in commemoration of the return of Okinawa to Japan by the United States in 1972.

Now, it is a popular recreational attraction for locals and tourists alike, consisting of the world class Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, as well as beautiful beaches, islands and resorts. The Ocean Expo Park is a well-maintained government-run park, sprawling over 70 hectares and takes up 4km of coast. There is minibus transport available between the attractions to make it possible to see them all in a day. Other attractions in the park include the Tropical and Subtropical Arboretum of the City Greener Project, the Tropical Dream Center, the Native Okinawan Village & Omoro Arboretum and the Emerald Beach. The park is extremely busy during the summer months, when firework festivals are held along the beach.


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The views from here are awesome, and it's a pleasant spot to walk around and enjoy the flowers. Plus there's a lot for kids to do, a couple of good (fairly shaded) playgrounds -- which is helpful if you're travelling with little ones!

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本部元氣村位在前往水族館的路上。最出名的就是可以和海豚互動體驗,包括觸摸海豚丶訓練或是一起游泳,其他還有各種水上活動及手作體驗都有。還蠻多家長帶小朋友一家人一起前來參加喔!目前只接受電話預約或配合店家預約。園區內工作人員無法提供中文服務。 **交通方式** - 空港搭120公車約120分,1...Read more

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    有著龍宮般奪目外觀的此地,是2000~3000只來自南方的各種蝴蝶翩翩起舞的樂園。在這占地1650平方米的天然庭園「彩蝶屋」裡,能夠盡情感受瀑布飛流、亞熱帶植物叢林,夢幻般的氛圍。此外,也是必觀之景。這裡的展望餐廳還有堪稱一絕的由家庭組合料理發展成的獨創料理「海鮮飯」(需要預約)。 **營業...Read more

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      海豚表演劇場位於海洋博公園內,偽虎鯨和來自印度洋-太平洋地區的寬吻海豚將推出全新表演,展示令人乍舌的神奇技巧。這項表演將充分展示這些調皮生物的敏捷動作。海豚表演極能聚集人氣,開演之前早早人群落座,幾排看臺已是座無虛席,特別是孩子們,無比興奮。演出歡快、互動節目很多,大人孩子都會其樂融融。表演的...Read more

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