Mentai Park


Orai Port Area, 8255-3 Isohama-cho
upload by Odigoer


Factory tour, theme park and cafe to learn about cod roe (mentaiko) fishing and cuisine.


Orai Port Area, 8255-3 Isohama-cho

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 09:00-18:00

Free entry, goods and cafe separate charge.


Julia Chan

There is a small museum featuring Mentaiko:fish eggs/Caviar
introduces the fish that bears mentai ko. (walleye Pollack roe - chilli-salted base).
gift shop attached to menaiko fish processing plant: they allow you tour it and get a view how the process of mentaiko is made and produced.

It's interesting to see how the process works.
The food service: offers mentaiko ice cream: It's different: something you won't find in north America.
They also have pork buns, and onigiri.

Mentaiko sells fast so don't wait to evening to buy.

Mike Bosack

This is a quirky place. If you are not a fan of Mentaiko, it probably won't offer too much for you, but if you even remotely enjoy it, this can be an extremely interesting and fun place to visit.


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