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Pablo 焼きたてチーズタルト専門店PABLO 渋谷店

Located only a short walk from Shibuya Station, Pablo specializes in cheese tarts.


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This place is closed now :( But the one in Harajuku is a sit-in cafe! I recommend going there.

Step aside Cheesecake Factory, Pablo is in the house! Originally an Osaka favorite, Pablo has made its way to the heart of Tokyo. Located just steps from the famous Shibuya Crossing intersection, you can't miss the long line forming in front of this corner shop.

There are two baking conditions that you can choose from: rare and medium. The premium cheese tart (in either form) is perhaps the most popular dessert at the shop. You can also try puddings, soft-serve cheese cream and more! If you've got a sweet tooth or want to impress a group, make sure to pick up a premium cheese tart (cheesecake) at Pablo!

Note that the shop has no seating available -- only pick-up.

1) Share the cheese tart with a group. The cheese tart should be able to feed four people.
2) Go before 4 PM. The shop has a limited supply of the cheese tarts and may run out by late afternoon. Try to pick one up as early as possible.

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