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Kamiiso-no-torii Gate 神磯の鳥居

Located on the Oarai Coast, this torii gate is one of three gates affiliated with Oarai Isosaki Jinja Shrine. It can be found on an island rock in the sea. Facing east, it is a popular spot to watch the sunrise. The surrounding area features various accommodations and restaurants.


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One of the most photogenic spots in Ibaraki. I recommend checking the tide schedules to maximize your viewing (and photographing) experience.

Kamiiso-no-torii (神磯の鳥居), located on Oarai Coast (Oarai Park), is one of the gates of the Isosaki Shrine. The gate stands on a rock in the sea and faces the east. This spot is a famous place to observe the sunrise. Many accommodations and restaurants are nearby where you can enjoy the view of this wonderful scenery.

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